I was talking to a friend about drama today. And not the stage kind. The crap in your life kind.

Twice–once in middle school and once in High School–I called my drama teacher something not nice that rhymes with witch. Does that count as drama?

Some, if they could see my life right now, might say it is filled with drama. Some might even argue I am a drama manufacturer. Yet I’d disagree.

Yesterday I said some things that needed saying, no matter the outcome. I’ve come to a point in life where I realize that there is very little I have said over the years that I regret saying. I only regret the things I have left unsaid.

Life is never perfect. I am learning that if I wait to speak until things are perfect, I will only carry more unsaid words and regrets to the grave. I’m not doing that.

This is the one life we are given. From wherever we begin…time to start living it.


Give me a good role and I’ll play it for all it is worth.

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