Just listened to two songs: Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah sung by Jeff Buckley and a live version of Matt Nathanson’s Bent. One is famous. One is barely known.

Hallelujah is maybe one of the most covered songs of all time. It was even utilized in the first Shrek movie. Buckley’s cover is probably (outside of, and this would be debatable…the Shrek rendition) the most famous version of the song.

It is a strong song. Cohen is a great writer. Yet hearing the two songs in succession, I have to say I found nothing lacking in Nathanson’s song.

Why then is it not as known? Perhaps his song is a little more personal. Perhaps it draws a little less upon allusion.

But it does not lack for immediacy and universality.

I didn’t set out to write a review of songs. But these two songs speak a little to where I’m at right now. And I thought I would share.

Love may be a cold and broken hallelujah. But no amount of bending can break love. And tonight I remember those I love…and love them more than I did the day before.

May the new day find you well. And may you rise to meet it…whatever comes.

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