In the deep, dark, forest

The deep, dark, forest is the universal boogeyman of folklore. It is, from the brothers Grimm right up through Hawthorne, where sh*t goes down. It is the backdrop of choice for bad actors intent on bad action.

It is also where I am most at home. Always has been.

If I need to clear my head, I make for the woods–usually alone.

I have met many strange things in the forest but never anything malevolent. The strangest thing I often find is myself. How often do we really confront ourselves?

No wonder the woods scare the crap out of us.

I find myself in need of time in the woods lately. I find the light slanting through the leaves to be beautiful. I find the insects. I find animals. I find the tracks of those gone before. I find the wind.

And somewhere I hope to find something more. So I go deeper and into the dark. Searching always.

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