You know you love someone when…

-You can watch three movies with them and totally draw a blank later on in the day when trying to remember what the second movie was.

-You can spend 5 minutes cracking each other up doing the exact same thing over and over.

-They can steal two-thirds of your ice cream and somehow make you smile in the process.

-When (back on the topic of those movies…) you know damn well–and so do they for that matter–that you despise musicals…but you watch a musical they forced you to take them to the first time for a second time just to spend more time with them.

-When you have multiple things you could mention here that would have the “story-problem” feel of the comment above

-You see something beautiful or astounding and your first thought–even before the awe sets in–is that you wish they were there with you to see it.

-When you realize that your life without them would be a far, far, poorer and empty thing.

There was once a time when caring so deeply for someone would have scared the crap out of me. And in weaker moments, I admit it does.

But the wonder of this friendship and love I feel is this…I am learning to come to life not fearfully, but freely. I come not in any dependent way…but truly offering everything I am.

And I find so much more waiting for me in return

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One Response to You know you love someone when…

  1. Love, a beautiful feeling of giving and sharing. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

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