Your name

Your name is written there
Your name is warmth in the dark, cold, and barren places
Your name, like an ocean, moves in waves and tides

Your eyes shine
Your eyes like stars in the night
Your eyes the only light by day

Our destinies open like a horizon
Our destinies entwine
Our destinies speak each moment through our mingled breath

Your hand offers, gives, frees
Your hand in my hand
Your hand giving me your heart

Your name
My love
Your fingers
My pledge
Your words
My listening–for the first time
Your hand
My life
Your eyes
This vast ocean
This breathing
This truth

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28 Responses to Your name

  1. robminx says:

    Such a beautiful piece of work!


  2. Jingle says:

    fun word play,
    well done.

    Happy Rally.

  3. K. McGee says:

    The repeats worked beautifully and gave the poem a matrimonial feel.
    Enjoy the rally.

    • NotATameLion says:

      Thanks K McGee. Excellent poem yourself. And you speak truth. I would have commented on your page, but it said your comments were closed.

      • K. McGee says:

        Oh thanks for telling me! They are open now.

        You’ll find I’m not very good at hiding truth (as I see it) away in a box.

  4. Amazing poem, loved the repetition. Had a nice vow like feel to it almost like a wedding but more earthy if you see what I mean, more like an old fashioned handfasting instead of a churchy pormpy style thing (like the royal wedding was [pompy not earthy]).
    The Lonely Recluse.

  5. JL Dodge says:

    very wonderful…such a lovely write !!

  6. Alcina says:


    Just couldn’t stop myself from wondering when i read these lines>Our destinies entwine
    Our destinies speak each moment through our mingled breath

    I am dreaming..


    • NotATameLion says:

      Thanks Alcina. If it is a dream, I choose not to wake up.
      Excellent poem of your own.
      Everybody check it out.

  7. What beauty in love!

  8. Andy says:

    Absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Paul says:

    Lonely Recluse pretty much nailed it – that idea didn’t even occur to me but reading it again, it seems so obvious! Very well done.

  10. Fun intermingling of words and meanings. Good job.

  11. The world opened wider as I read this…Nice!

  12. NotATameLion says:

    That is a very kind thing to say sillyfrogsusan. Thank you,

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  14. seabell says:

    We are captivated from the first lines… I really like it!

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