On an unknown path

Your hand in mine
Stops my heart
Not cold and dead
Like once upon a time
But like taking the greatest, deepest, breath
Before happily ever after

Your hand in mine
Is heat, passion, shelter
A volcano melting completely
Before it can explode
Warmth that doesn’t stop, but that moves
From the top of my soul to the bottom of your lovely feet

Your hand in mine
Your love in my heart
No longer alone.
All the good words and advice-
Paling, dying, before the true thing
That exists within us now

Your hand on mine
In the dark
Your hand curled around mine
In the quiet moments
Your hand in mine
Where no one looks

Your hand in mine
Through sadness and into joy
Kneeling, weeping, laughing, believing
Here, together
Touching the face
Of our God

Your hand in mine
Becoming so much more
With you
Than ever seemed possible
Becoming happy
Becoming free

In the deepest night
On an unknown path
Keeping my feet,
Keeping my faith,
Keeping my love of
Your hand in mine

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