From the depths of my soul

Skip a beat…
Skip a beat, my heart
Skip a beat from the depths of my soul

Skip a beat as I see her
Skip a beat at the sound of her voice

Skip a beat as she outshines the sun
Skip a beat as her beauty transcends the moon and stars

Let them shine on her
Even though she makes them pale by comparison

They outline and dance around her beauty
Since they could never fully capture it in their light

Let them be jealous if they will
She is a later and far greater work of their maker

Even he must have gotten lucky
On a good day to have made one such as her

The flowers bloom more brightly in her presence
Seeking to be the merest shadow of her loveliness

Storms rage and oceans surge attempting
To reach the deepest, fiercest, beauty of her eyes

Nature itself is but a faint echo
Of all the wonder she holds

Everything with a heart: man, woman, or beast
Will falter if they but truly see her for what she is

Skip a beat, my heart
For all of time has led to her
There is no love like her love, no beauty to match hers

She has placed my hand in hers
She loves and does not let go
She has drawn me close
Skip a beat, my heart-from the depths of my soul

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2 Responses to From the depths of my soul

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    From the depths of soul, the depths of Muse. Poems from sacred space.

  2. Jingle says:

    Jamie speaks for me,


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