She covers me with love

Is this luck?
Or is this meant to be?
Time spent with her is like nothing else

She lifts me up
She sets me free

She heals my wounds
And seals them with a kiss

She sees inside my heart
And brings out what is best

She is beautiful beyond compare
And wise beyond all understanding

She comes to my help
And her grace teaches me to use my own

I will write songs to her, about her
Until I can write no more

Every syllable, every breath, every beat of my heart
Will echo her name

She does not see as others see
She sees inside

She loves truly
Her love calls forth my love

I take her hand
I am lost in her eyes

She believes I am more
And I believe her

She brings peace
And with my hand in hers I am at ease

She covers me with love
She shatters that which is false

She beckons me
And I run to her

She has shown me love
She has called me her own

She has done this for no one else
She and I are meant to be

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