Breakfasts on the road

I follow Erwin McManus on Twitter. He is the leader of a church out in California called Mosaic. Between his presentations and books I may just have grown more from his church’s teachings than my from my own church’s teaching (check out their podcast).

But that is neither here nor there.

Today, he described Cracker Barrel as his “southern vice.” This made me smile and got me to thinking…

We hit Cracker Barrel a good deal when on the road. But I would actually consider Shoney’s to be more of my specifically “southern” vice.

I can hit a Cracker Barrel north of here. I can hit a Cracker Barrel when I go out to Yellowstone.

But Shoney’s is like the lady I can only see when I head south.

Shoney’s has grits at its Breakfast Buffet.

I don’t eat grits per se, but their inclusion as an option is key to my buffet mentality in the south. And at no other place do I basically make a heaping plate of pork with some eggs covered in nacho cheese on the side. This, to me, is breakfast in the south.

An honorable southern mention must also be thrown in the direction of the Huddle House in Logan West Virginia. It is truly a breakfast experience. It is hardcore Americana in a diner form.

While we are wandering through my breakfast synapses, mention is due to the excellent Good Harbor Grill in Glen Arbor Michigan. I have walked through pouring rain to have their amazing Sourdough toast and a strong cup of coffee. Being located in the heart of cherry country, they also have excellent cherry pancakes (they are huge).

While at home, Rebecca’s is my breakfast restruant of choice. Their “vegetarian” Eggs Benedict is top notch. Joseph’s Coney Island is a strong second option. Their fry cooks are fun to watch in action. Both are located in Northville.

But there is something about Breakfast while on the road. No?

I usually don’t do this, and doubt I will actually get a response, but if you read this, I would love for you to comment with your own favorite breakfast place…either at home or on the road.

Till then, I hope this post finds you well and happy.

Long live breakfast!

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