The pounding of my heart

She is lit from behind, angelic-
This one who teaches me love
My body and mind ever more hers

She is my protector and the lover of my soul
She brought me back from the cold pit
She holds me when I feel lost
She holds me till I am strong again

What did I ever do to deserve this love?
Me-so weak, so fallen?

Her breath mingles with mine
And everything else dispels like a nightmare unremembered in the light

Take my hand, love, and make me yours
Whisper your words-the ones that take root in my soul

Destroy my doubts, my petty notions of what love is
Make my heart race like I could never have imagined

Place my hand in yours and hold it tight
Make me believe
Give me courage in the
Place of my fears

Through the day I think only of

I would write a thousand words to you
If only I were given the time

I would write only of you-
The feel of your hand
The feel of you in my arms
The words you say that
Set me free

May these days be long
May our nights together stretch endlessly
One moment with you
Is worth more than every second when you are away

This is all in our hands
Your hand in mine
Our destiny together
Our future entwined like our fingers

As the light streams through your hair
And I see your beauty again as if for the first time

I am caught
All I can feel is awe
And the pounding of my heart

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