I am yours

Inexorably, my words fly to you
They spring from this heart you’ve saved
In your beauty, in your kindness, in your love

Do not turn your eyes away from me
I cannot live without the compassion and light I find there

My life was a worthless thing
Until you took my hand and
Drew me into your embrace

My heart had ceased to beat
My soul had lost its wings

You have given me life
The things you say, your touch
Revive me

At your touch I am healed
My thirst is quenched
Do not leave me
For my heart goes with you
My thoughts are always on you
And the beauty of your face
In my mind I hear your words of kindness
And meditate on the radiance of your love
Teach me to love you
For I will do whatever you ask
Save me again when I turn cold
And fold my hand into yours
Let me know how to make you smile
How to make you laugh
For your sake I would burn down the world
Or make a new one just for you

Your love devastates my very being
It destroys all that is false inside me
For I am yours

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