Alas…I do not like to sing. I have always kind of felt second rate at the church “worship” thing as we construe it in 21st Century Evangelical America. I sing to God…but in my own places and ways.

Funny thing. Worship in the Bible does include some singing. And that’s cool.

But it is also more.

It is sacrifice. It is offering. Real, tangible, earthy things.

Worship is a reminder, not just of promised glory, but of how we should carry each other’s burdens, of how we should live towards one another.

I looked in the eyes of an old friend tonight. And I saw something there I did not like: masked pain, confusion, fear.

I stopped the pointless chatter of our small talk, looked her the eyes, and asked, “Are you ok?”

She has done this and more for me in the past. She helped me stand when I wanted to fall and never get up.

Somehow, as I read the Bible, and as I live, I feel this is much more the sacrifice that God is looking for.

I am thankful for my friend. And tonight I pray she really is ok.

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  1. Just found your blog. Liked this post. 🙂

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