You and I remain

My eyes, my words,
My body, my love-
To you alone

May my thoughts of you be a shade at your right hand
May my love keep you warm when I am away

I guard my lips
I place a watch over the words of my mouth

No words can describe how I feel towards you
Unworthy attempts I will not utter
Echoing platitudes of days past and lesser loves
Will not escape from me

Let love strike me mute
Let passion blind me to all others

Let no falseness be in my speech
Let this fire in my heart burn it all away

Let mere lust and flattery fill the mouths of others
My words to you will be true

If the earth should shake and split,
If the skies should be ripped away,
And darkness envelop everything-

I will run to the light of your holy love
You are my home
You hold my heart

Take my hand
In your hand

When all else fades away
You and I remain

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