Having posted about politics over on Twitter, time to get a little more controversial. Below are my top five quarterbacks of all-time and my reasoning as to why they are the best I have ever seen – key word being “seen.” These are the top quarterbacks of my lifetime.

They are listed in reverse order.

5. John Elway- Elway was a tough choice over the likes of Peyton Manning or Troy Aikman (Marino does not enter the conversation without a ring). But the deciding factor here is who I would want with two minutes left. Aikman is steady in that regard, but I have to give Elway points for the better arm and, having lost a few games, a determination not to do so again.

Elway, like my home town hockey legend Steve Yzerman, learned from the sting of defeat. I do not see Manning as being nearly as driven to win.

4. Tom Brady- Brady seems to be in decline. I did not expect him to fall so quickly. His accomplishments stack up nicely…clearly exceeding the two gentlemen ahead of him on this list. Yet, he lost the biggest game of his life.

That loses Tom points. That, and he should have done a little better for the Wolverines. Gotta smack him around a little for that.

3. Kurt Warner- What? I can hear the critics of this pick now.


This dude took the Rams and the Cardinals to the Superbowl. I like Matthew Stafford. But the Lions should really, really, REALLY hire Warner.

Just sayin’.

2. Brett Favre- He is known as being the fiercest competitor in the game for a reason. He may handle the ball and get just a little too much credit, but this guy has the assassin’s heart of a Ray Lewis.

No one on the field wants to win more. Period.

1. Joe Montana- Again…there are two minutes on the clock and you are down by 4. Who do you want? I would call Joe’s number every time.

All right. There are my five. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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