I see forever

I once loved you like the night loves the day
Touching briefly and then, inexorably,
Moving away

Dawn turns to twilight
And twilight fades to blackness

In the cold, in the dark
I am there

I loved you twice
First with my head in your hands
Me weeping

And then I broke your heart

I broke it as brutally as I could
To set you free

And in those last words of yours
Which I pretended not to hear
You moved me to tears
Which I, in my callous way,
Would never let fall

Until finally

I loved you last
With the last of my false love

In words and in deeds I could not account for
I tricked myself into thinking I was yours

And then love, true love


Like a wind

It is here now
It is at my back
Pushing me on
Calling me higher

And in your eyes
I see forever

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