Love is…

Love is…

You taking my hand when I cannot find the strength to take yours. The deep purr of a cat resting in your lap. Ten hugs when I’m just trying to get out the door.

Love is…

A knowing smile offered in return for the most vile thing I can think to say.

Love is…

A huge embrace when all I asked for was for you to say something to make me smile.

Love is…

You accepting me despite the fact that I am:


Love is…

Laughter through tears. Laughter at a turn of phrase. Laughter that tells me no matter how cold, distant, combative, scared, or broken I get…you love me.

Love is…


And as you reach down to save me for the ten millionth time, I look at you and wonder how something so beautiful, so lovable, can even exist.

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