Behold…my semiquincentennial post

Howdy Friends…

I haven’t hit you with any randomly floating thoughts in a while. Might as well do it to celebrate my semiquincentennial post here on NotATameBlog. Hope you enjoy:

Let us start on a meditation on Christmas.

As a kid, time crawled while I was waiting for Christmas. Halloween and Thanksgiving were sideshows to me.

Christmas was the real deal.

Now as an adult. Some odd things have happened to Christmas for me.

To begin with, somewhere along the way I came to believe in Jesus. He used to be the imaginary man in the sky for me. Not so much any more.

So there is both an added dread (I was of the C.S. Lewis school of finding coming to faith a major inconvenience) and an added joy to the season for me now. Christmas, as much as the folks at Fox News would love to make it a divisive thing, is a time, at least to me, in which barriers between people dissolve. I find myself feeling more open and loving at this time of year.

I also find time flies.

Christmas approaches and then is gone so quickly. In the blur, I find myself actually liking to give a lot more than I like to receive. And I used to think people who said that must have been on crack.

This year, the one thing I wanted was to be with those I love. And I kinda got that wish. I cannot overstate how big these changes in my seasonal outlook really are.

Enough of Christmas though.

Let’s look at a list of things I have learned lately. I have been thinking a lot about these things as one decade has closed and a new one’s arrived:

-Love is about release, not clasping or control. In the deepest sense, love is giving yourself honestly and freely to another. ALL of yourself.

I have learned how great it is to have someone who knows everything about me…and still loves me.

-Friends – true friends – can teach you a lot about God. Stephen King once described God as the God of the bottom of the ninth inning. I have some great friends who have a knack for showing up in the bottom of the ninth.

I love them.

-A ridiculously big beer mug allows one to pour beer however one wants. Though I have yet to run a Unibroue or Guinness through my mug, I believe it can handle anything I throw into it.

-While the beer mug is nice, I think one of my favorite gifts to receive is a coffee mug. And while I know I just spoke of giving…I still want a Pico Mundo Grille mug.

-Shopping with friends does not make me suicidal/homicidal like regular shopping.

-The Elf Hat and I are soon to be parted. I remember now why I so hate saying goodbye to this wonderful hat. It is so warm and it makes strangers either smile or flee in fear.

(Either is fine with me by the way.)

-There is nothing so great as a simple blanket or warm fire when it is shared with a friend.

The rest of my thoughts float away…

Except to say that I know many of you read this blog semi-faithfully. I hope you get some kind of joy out of it. Because I get so much joy from being friends with all of you.

May you each have a wonderful 2010.

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