Would you take my hand
If I offered it to you?
Would you enter the dark
At my side?

Would you sing with me
To a God unseen?
The journey has been long
And the road unkind

Would you utter the syllables
Hidden and locked inside your lonely heart
If I promised to hold nothing back
If I showed and gave you all I am?

Would you make
The trade?
My heart for your heart
My soul for your smile

The labors of all my days
Would be,
Will be for you

Each word, each thought
Even before it is born
Before it is issued, and carried forth
On breath

Would be,
Will be for you

And the mingling of our hearts,
Our love – like the entwining of our fingers
Would make a home, a temple,
Unlike anything now standing beneath the stars

It would be matchless
It will be forever

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One Response to Would

  1. This is a beautiful poem!!

    Really like the line “My soul for your smile”
    Just shows what we are prepared to give in and for love.


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