Book Review: The Cutie by Donald Westlake

Moral of the story: never let yourself kill another for emotional reasons…be they your own emotions or those of another.

Donald Westlake has been named a Grandmaster by the Mystery Writers of America. Reading The Cutie, one can see why.

This book’s plot is more twisted than a piece of licorice.

We follow the adventures of a crime boss’s “right hand boy” as he seeks the murderer of a lovely woman with a sorted past. The Cutie is amazingly well conceived and written. This book’s protagonist is a truly great anti-hero.

The ending is a shocker.

Despite this and my last review, I am no devotee of the mystery novel. Or at least I wasn’t…until I started reading this series called Hard Case Crime.

This is my fourth venture into the Hard Case Crime series, and all four books have been outstanding. I am possibly now addicted.


I bet my next review will be from this series as well.

I recommend The Cutie. Pick up a copy of your own or borrow mine. The story is worth it.

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