2010 Baseball Predictions

Well…I just made my official picks for the 2010 Baseball season over on the forums at Binall of America. I am hoping to follow up on my win in the March Madness contest.

I will now share my picks here. If nothing else, y’all can keep me accountable when I go down in flames…

AL East: NY Yankees
AL Central: Detroit Tigers
AL West: Seattle Mariners
AL Wildcard: Minnesota Twins

NL East: Florida Marlins
NL Central: St Louis Cardinals
NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers
NL Wildcard: Philadelphia Phillies

AL Champions: Detroit Tigers
NL Champions: Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Champions:Detroit Tigers

I just think the Phillies and Yankees’ll be tired.
The Red Sox, hopefully, will be unable to score.
This will leave the door open for a couple of teams that have been kicking themselves for recent missed opportunities.

May my beloved Mets forgive me my lack of faith!

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