Opposite Day

Easter just came and went. So many thoughts float through my insane mind on the day. For me it both means death and resurrection…pain and hope.

My first thought is that this year has been the happiest Easter season I have ever known. And I don’t mean some fleeting emotional happiness. I mean a happiness born of a deep gratitude.

I am known inside and out. I am known fully. And I am loved for it rather than in spite of it.

And it goes back from me the other way. This smile, while not always on my face, does not fade – not for one second – inside.

Speaking of smiles, I watched this last night.

“You didn’t see that coming did you?”


As for my own role as a small group leader, this weekend I did not take a group. I felt that I should be there and jump in if I was needed or felt led to do so. And I was never really needed to take a group.

Yet I did feel led to jump in to another group’s conversation for a moment. As I walked by a group my daughter was leading, I saw kids that had a bunch of energy that I could tell was not being tapped.

Out of nowhere I found myself asking the kids what the difference between Jesus and a zombie was. One girl answered that Jesus didn’t eat brains. We had a fun conversation for a few minutes comparing and contrasting the Messiah with zombies.

Then one child said that the resurrection was like Jesus declaring that Easter was opposite day. I got this mental image of Jesus yawning himself awake in the tomb and shouting “It’s opposite day.”

The kids liked that and laughed. Me…I couldn’t stop thinking about “Opposite Day.”

I thought of how God brings light from darkness. And I thought of how, in God’s Kingdom, the last will be first.

I am grateful for this Opposite day we call Easter.

As Rob says in his video, “There is a new creation bursting forth right here in the midst of this one…”

And everything is being made new, turned on its head, made full of a life that will never end.

I am a bit late, but Happy Opposite Day!

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