And really, what could be so special about the number nineteen?

Recently, I was browsing through the forums over at the website for the podcast Binnall of America. I love the podcast because it covers all the interesting topics that I used to borrow books from my grandma to read about: UFO’s, Monsters, Conspiracies, etc.

If you are interested in such topics, I suggest you give the podcast a listen and the site a visit.

While wandering through the forums I came upon a thread about what you believed in when you were younger and what you think about those subjects/questions now. So…below I have re-posted and, in some cases, fleshed-out my answers from the thread.

I first list what I thought at age 19. I then list what I think now–at age 33:

Alien Life – 19: Yes. Now: Absolutely–but it may well be co-terrestrial or inter-dimensional

Astrology – 19: No. Now: Maybe in some odd cases.

Bigfoot – 19: No. Now: No, but Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot Ale is impressive

Chupacabras – 19: No. Now: Maybe.

Death Sentence – 19: No. Now: No. The government has no business taking life, and for my Christian friends in particular: I would argue that your own faith had the death penalty codified as part of the sacrificial law…which if you believe in the resurrection…was fulfilled and nullified by Christ’s death

Demonic Possession – 19: No. Now: Yep.

Drugs – 19: Legalize and regulate. Now: Legalize, regulate, and TAX.

Ghosts – 19: Yes. Now: Yes…but inter-dimensionality may play its role here too

God – 19: No. Now: Yes

Is History Accurate – 19: No. Now: No. And I don’t mean bias. I think Modernism had us jumping off a cliff of intellectual arrogance. Look up Pumapunku sometime. Tell me what you think.

Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy – 19: Yes. Now: Yes. And you better make that “Conspiracies”

Loch Ness – 19: Maybe. Now: Maybe. And I will watch any and every documentary on the topic for some reason. The little kid in me thinks that maybe someday the show will end with the thing being found

New World Order – 19: Yes…and in the ooga-booga sense. Now: Yes. Maybe a little ooga-booga…but at the same time, I just believe greed/capitalism makes for horrid bedfellows and overlords. So I would now say it is a mixed bag

Patriotism – 19: I was never rah-rah, but I do wish the best for my country and thought that there was some good narrative to go with the bad. Now: No. I lived through the Bush years. When freaking China starts lecturing you on your international behavior–and you suddenly find you have no moral high ground on them whatsoever to use in a retort–it might be time to rethink your direction.

Previous Civilizations – 19: Yes. Now: Yes (See Pumapunku yet again.)

Psychics – 19: No. Now: Maybe–but NOT the stupid ones on TV

Rep/Dem – 19: Democratic. Now: Independent–both parties are owned by the same interests.

Roswell – 19: Yes. Now: Maybe. But people need to give it a rest. The subject is tapped-out

Time Travel – 19: No. Now: Maybe. But probably not from our now to elsewhere

UFOs Visiting – 19: Yes. Now: Yes. But visiting from where or possibly when?

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