Mental tangents…

Here are some of my thoughts as I procrastinate on actually writing today. They may or may not be loosely connected. Either way – enjoy:

I was talking with my brother last night and my dad today about our family down south. As they talked, I thought about the opening scene of the movie “A River Runs Through It.” In the scene the narrator tells of how it took him years to be able to come to the point of writing the story of his family.

My family would need a William Faulkner combined with a writer from the National Enquirer to do their story justice. Me…I can only shake my head at this wonderful collection of hillbillies and grin.

Speaking of my family, I am about to cut loose a part of my real family. The current group of 1st grade Orange Groupers are about to move up to 2nd grade. While this past Sunday was difficult, as it is always is when Emily is not there, I treasured every moment with the group. The group only has a few weeks left to be together in 1st grade.

I do not know if I have ever enjoyed a group as much, or have ever been closer with a group of kids. Some of them are truly like little brothers and sisters to me. Letting go is always hard. This time is going to be really, really hard.

On a totally unrelated topic, the other day I was looking through some writing I did a while ago. I may or may not post it here at some point. The nice thing though was that I liked it.

Sometimes I remember that I do not always suck at this writing thing.

Sometimes I surprise myself.

A question: Have any of you seen the sinkhole that recently opened up in Guatemala? When I first saw the photos, I thought it was a fake. It is insane.

A suggestion: If anyone is in Ann Arbor anytime soon and if you like coffee, go to Zingerman’s Coffee Company and order their Indian coffee made in the Vietnamese drip method over ice. It is outstanding.

I was going to make this much longer, but sadly, it has served its purpose. It has me itching to write. So…see you around.

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One Response to Mental tangents…

  1. Katheryne says:

    Im glad im not the only one who thinks this way, decides it is long enough and then decides to write something.

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