The 28 Out Perfect Game

I rarely go so narrow here on the blog. But I have to say this…and I’ll just say it bluntly:

Jim Joyce made a horrible call the other night. But he and Armando Galarraga have proven to be men of class and dignity.

Bud Selig, however, continues to show why he is the worst commissioner Major League Baseball has ever had. Forget, if you will, for a moment that Bud looks like a grandma in drag. Instead…consider:

This idiot has been in charge of Baseball during the Steroid era. He has used his sport’s proud past and tradition to not only justify not taking a stand in the Arizona immigration debacle, but he has now justified robbing this pitcher of a perfect game he more than completed…

…all the while tarnishing the sport by not pursuing the rooting out of performance enhancing drug use amongst his players.

This man is both inept (anyone remember the 2002 all star game or the 1994 canceled season?) and corrupt. He is an idiot. He is the worst thing to ever happen to baseball.

A half-witted Baboon with hemorrhoids would have more class, be a far better commissioner, and have a better disposition than Selig.

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One Response to The 28 Out Perfect Game

  1. marcys says:

    You’re killin’ me! (LOL!) I totally agree. He is passive-aggressive, a wimp, and completely useless. I’m wondering how one becomes Baseball Commissioner, and when we get rid of this one?

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