Thoughts about a vacation

Two days ago I got home from vacation. During the nine days I was away from home I traveled and hung out with 17 other people, spent time at Starvation Lake, Mackinac Island, and at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. These are thoughts inspired by the time spent, the people I got to share the time with, and the places we spent that time together…

Lessons Learned Department-

I am a cheap drunk on an empty stomach. Conversely, Pizza sobers me right up.

Riding in a trunk for a couple of hours is not nearly as bad as it sounds.

Mackinac Island has its high points. Still, the main area feels like a renaissance fair without the knights and jousting.

There is a Starbucks on Mackinac. And I find something disturbing that a corporation’s locations outpace cellphone reception.

Watching baseball takes on more meaning when done with friends.

I reaffirm my belief that climbing a sand dune is not worth it unless there is a lake to plunge into at the bottom of it.

For some reason, I prefer sleeping in blue tents.

When the chips are down…I don’t care if I lose everything in the world…except for my friends.

Some floating thoughts-

As hinted at above, we got in a car accident on the way home. For a moment I was terrified that I might have lost some of the people I love most. I felt my soul threaten to tear off. In the moments that followed, as I found out everyone was ok, I felt like I had been given my life back.

I later broke down for a minute. The friends I was with at the time saw my tears and started crying too. Soon, our crying turned to laughter. In that first moment after the crash, and in that moment of laughter, I found that the old saw about blood being thicker than water is crap. I have been blessed with friends I would do anything for…and who, I have found, are willing to hold me and share my tears and my laughter.

I am convinced that there is no greater treasure in life.

On a lighter note, I became a fan of the vuvuzela on this trip. There was one on the lakeshore on the night of July 4th. It kept going off after the more impressive moments of the fireworks that were being launched. I want one.


While in Glen Arbor I picked up some of Leelanau Roaster’s Mexican coffee. It transformed my mornings. Good coffee.

Also in Glen Arbor, we visited Cherry Republic’s Wine-tasting room. I have never liked port. But I enjoyed their port. It is called Shook. I recommend it.

I also endorse the two officers from the Clare County Sheriff’s office who helped us. They were kind beyond the call of duty, even letting the kids sit in the police car for a while.

Finally, I endorse my own Vodka Lemonade Slushies. I did not have one myself, but they seemed to go over pretty well. Not bad for a fall-back drink recipe.

One weird thing-

I wrote a poem a few weeks ago. All vacation, I was surrounded by light blue dragonflies and orange tiger lilies. It all makes one think and just be filled with awe and wonder.

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One Response to Thoughts about a vacation

  1. Katheryne says:

    I wholly agree. “Katheryne, Thank you for not dying.”

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