Your words are life to me

I begin to wonder if I am deeply broken.

Then in your eyes I see hope. In your eyes I see expectation, as if I were capable of some great trick to set all things right or of giving purpose to meaningless hours.

The look of your love runs a blade through my soul.

The honest ferocity of your smile cuts me to pieces.

And under the stars I am lost.

In the heat of the summer days I wither and dream of the North.

When will the wolf in my soul turn and give chase?

With your hand in mine I feel peace. I feel home. I feel the laughter and loving embrace of one greater than the wolf.

Your words are life to me. But where are your words when all is quiet? Where is the whisper that restores and makes all things new?

I alone.

I alone wander the night.

I alone. All alone.

And in this loneliness is the threat of our undoing. And the smile that comes when I think of how you love me and how I would gladly be drowned in such love.

We are eternal.

More that this here and now.

More than our dreams.

Yet I pray I rest with you in my dreams tonight.

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