We are one

For those in love, against all odds…

Free me from those who look on,
Who fail to perceive the beautiful and true
They only see the scars on their hearts
And quiver at the thought of embrace

Guard me from their words
From the fearful failings of their courage
Save me, Un-contaminate me from the
Compromises they have made, the promises they’ve broken
They spread traps before me-
Woven from their doubt,
They and their words would obstruct my path

I said to my love, “I am yours and yours only – forever.
Do not ask me to leave you or forsake you.”
Love, my rescuer and protector,
You who have wiped away every tear
You who have redeemed every broken and misspent day
Help me to not hear their words
Cover my eyes from their disapproving looks

They are false

May they crumble away in their cages
Of cynicism and regret
May they see true love
And may it burn them,
Consume them

No mere person can stand in love’s way
May they fall into pits of their own making

Whatever comes
I know you and I will stand
Our cause is that of light and love and truth

We are one

We will stand when all else falls

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2 Responses to We are one

  1. Jingle says:

    love reading your work.
    highly talented poetry.

  2. Artswebshow says:

    wow. this is a fantastic poem.
    Well constructed

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