The tea party

As we head into an election season that, with all the BS removed, is really a choice between having some chance at economic recovery and salvaging the middle class or handing out more tax cuts to big business and the rich, I cannot hold my tongue any longer.

I hate politics. Always have.

Far be it from me to waste space on my blog about it.

But conservatism in America has become a bad joke. This grieves me. And it grieves my country.

Politics is, by its nature, a corrupt and corrupting thing. There is personal corruption. And over time there is ideological corruption. The party in power is usually most sorely tempted and open to corruption and decay.

But what happens when the minority is corrupt and stays corrupt? That is the case here. Now.

In foreign policy they hold to a disproven and destructive ideology called neo-conservatism. Strip back neo-conservatism to its core and you have might makes right. You have abuse and torture. You have pre-emptive and continual war.

What you have is imperialism at its most brazen, its most anti-democratic, its most un-American.

In economics the American right has sold its soul and the American middle class to money wherever they can find it. They are owned by the richest 1% of Americans.

And they are owned by the Chinese…who bankroll said 1%.

Like their ideological forebears–the pre-civil war Southern aristocracy–the right has been able to foist this steaming pile on America by using the same combination of fear and preying upon the uneducated masses that the Southern landowners used to make poor whites in the south hate blacks.

And fear of the president’s race plays its part. Yet they are too sly to say so head-on. Now, instead, we are told to fear Muslims and Mexicans.

Two clips I have recently found illustrate this well.

The first clip is a short piece by the comic David Cross. It is short and provides a basic summary of how people have allowed their thought to be twisted to ridiculously illogical extremes.

The second clip is more long-form and allows these people to speak for themselves. The result is horrifying.

If there is a reason that America is not the best country in the world (and I would like to think my country is great) it is these purposefully misinformed people.

Greed will always drive people to seek more. But these tea-party people, in their ignorance, in their blind hatred and foolishness, are enabling the robbers while they are in the house.

I am saddened that these people are my countrymen.

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