Some thoughts…from my head to yours

Tonight I got so thirsty I drank some water like I was Indiana Jones and it was the Holy Grail. Some of it flowed down my chin. I think I should get that thirsty more often…if only to quench the thirst.

Also tonight…I attended a meet the candidates event at the local public library. Both my love of librarians and my strong dislike of politicians were yet again reinforced. I don’t know where y’all live who read this, but here in the USA and there in that room in the library I was struck yet again by two things:

-Most Democrats are woefully out of touch and not passionate enough.
-Most Republicans are either moronic and/or evil.

So, my plan this November would seem to be twofold as well:

-Vote, in all instances available, for third-party candidates. On principal. Though I will look for the best when presented with choices.
-When no third-party candidate is available, I will write someone in.

Supporting either major party truly has become tantamount to throwing my vote away while slicing off one more piece of my soul. I cannot stoop to it any longer.

While we are talking politics and third-party candidates, I want to throw out my first, and maybe last, endorsement of the political season. My long-time friend, David Palmer, is running as an independent to represent the 54th district in Michigan’s State House.

Even if Dave and I did not have years of trust and friendship between us, his performance at tonight’s event would have won my vote. Too often when I talk of politicians it is with unavoidable disdain. Dave made me proud to be his friend tonight. He gave me a measure of hope. I’ll be proud to vote for him in November.

Moving away from the politics…file this next one under “small world.” Before the event, this wonderful Librarian who has always seemed to mother me a little when I interact with her came up to Dave and threw a big hug on him. As it turns out, the lady was Dave’s preschool teacher.

For some reason this connection still makes me smile.

Speaking of things that make me smile, I had all kinds of other thoughts I wanted to unleash here. I was going to make a modest proposal that we make one last desperate attempt to make the country better before the election by carpet-bombing the South and Texas.

Then I realized someone reading this might have gotten here by googling Dave. I would not want my dreams of a better America to reflect poorly on him. So I will not even bring that topic up.

Instead, I will point out that today is the birthday of someone who makes me smile all the time. I have named the day after her. Last night was her day’s eve. Tomorrow will be her day observed.

I could not, on my best day, write what she has meant and means in my life. So…I will end these thoughts by simply saying: Happy Birthday Emily. You are Wonderful.

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