Of ghosts and presidents

If you have not noticed, my poems here are parts of larger poetic cycles. You can find these groupings in the tags on the poems.

The cycle that I recently completed, Lines in Testimony, gripped me like none ever has. It sprung like something fully formed from my subconscious, like a song reaching down to me from the night stars.

I usually have a few cycles going at once…but that one is complete.

One cycle I have had going for a while is called Ghosts. It is made up mostly of things I would say to or feel about people who are dead. Some are named for the dead–such as For Tu Fu.

I have been kicking around ideas of what to write about now that Lines in Testimony has stopped. I have decided on a topic similar to but different from Ghosts.

From my youth, I have been a student of history. More specifically, I have studied how individual lives shape the tides of history on which we all are set adrift. One particular area of study for me has been the American Presidency. And so, for my latest project, I will be creating a cycle of poems on the Presidents…with a few asides along the way. I hope you will enjoy them. I hope you will join me on the journey.

See you around.

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2 Responses to Of ghosts and presidents

  1. Jingle says:

    it seems like you are very knowledgeable of things…
    lovely post…

    it is fun to read about ghost, I used to have fears of them, but not any more…

  2. Jingle says:

    Our poetry potluck is NOW open, welcome linking in.
    your support is appreciated.

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