Adams the Elder

“I am fairly out
and you are fairly in
See which of us
will be happiest”

Oh cruel history
How torturous
a fate

To have been democracy’s clarion
only to become second fiddle

To be placed between
the father of a country
and that country’s author

To be deeply feeling
deeper still in thought
To be ambitious beyond all
but Hamilton

…To be forever second

Seeming a tyrannous anti-democrat
at the end
Forever a little foolish-looking

Wave-splashed by the tide
you set in motion

Ah…Dearest Mr. Adams-
-not of the beer
but of the pen

Wondrous in impotent rage
and holy zeal

Which of us will be happiest?

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One Response to Adams the Elder

  1. Jingle says:

    human greed is infinite, we can never be happy at some point..

    fun play of history facts and reflections on it.

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