We may only have two of these left…(The 4th Annual Bob Awards)

Life moves in cycles. It is a river that runs of its own volition, that has its own inexorable pull. We can only hope to channel it for a while.

In the end we too will be swept up. There is no returning. Only exploration, resumption, rejection, love, and finality.

And so 2010 winds to its close.
In memory of the year that was…I now hand out the 4th Annual Bob Awards. Here goes:

The 2010 Bravest Human Being I Know Award goes, yet again, to an Orange Grouper. This time, a former Orange Grouper. Because, you see, Emma tackles me every week. And she hits hard. Being the immovable object that I am, I can only imagine what kinds of concerns for life and limb she must throw to the wind when she does this.

The 2010 Brother From Another Mother Award goes to Ian. That dude says stuff at church that makes me feel not so bad for having thoughts that I sometimes have.

The 2010 Sister From Another Mister Award goes to a newcomer. There is this barista at Zingerman’s Coffee Company named Anya. Not only is she a great barista but I have really enjoyed every visit I’ve had there when she’s working. Almost feels like checking in with family.

The 2010 Best Person To Have Around When Sh*t Goes Down Award goes (again) to Emily. I could go on and on about why…but the best reason is that she usually is around when shit goes down. And this makes me happy.

The 2010 ES-Freaking-P Connection Award goes to my daughter Katheryne. Emily gets an honorable mention here and Katheryne gets an honorable mention on Emily’s award. A look shot between any of us is worth a thousand words.

The 2010 This is Why I Hate Most Politicians Award goes to this douchebag whose name I can’t remember and who, when I think about it, I’d rather not promote. He was at this candidate’s forum that I went to to support my friend Dave…he made some affirming statement about the moron sheriff from Arizona who painted his jail pink or some such foolishness. And he kept making similar moronic statements. South Lyon is blindly Republican enough that they probably elected him. Let me say “I told you so” in advance for when they find this dude sniffing cocaine from a naked under-aged staffer’s backside. It’s like a train. You can just feel it coming down the tracks.

The 2010 Book of the Year Award goes to Ari Weinzweig’s A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Building A Great Business. It is an education in a book. And, happily, it is volume one in a series.

The 2010 Movie of the Year Award goes to The Fountain. I know, it is not from 2010…but I just saw it this year. GREAT movie.

There is a tie for the 2010 Album of the Year Award: As far as popular music goes, there has not been a better album than Mumford and Son’s Sigh No More since Joe Purdy put out You Can Tell Georgia (and if you know me, you know there is no higher praise). Meanwhile, over in my beloved realm of Early Music I have to point out an EXCELLENT album that came out this year. The Forgotten Kingdom by Jordi Savall and Hesperion XXI is both important and amazing. Gotta rock the banjo. Gotta rock the Cathar music. These albums do that respectively.

The 2010 Catchphrase of the Year Award goes to “Gotta rock the banjo.” Cause you gotta.

The 2010 Hard-fought Lesson of the Year Award: There is nothing love cannot transform, nothing that love cannot redeem.

Well…friends…I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s awards. I hope you have a great 2011!

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2 Responses to We may only have two of these left…(The 4th Annual Bob Awards)

  1. Kim Nelson says:

    Freakin’ great list!

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