By Babylon’s streams

And there with your hand in mine
I swore my life to you and we wept
and there, together, we became one

The wind also came, singing for us
through the pines

The unfaithful
kept close watch
waiting for us to slip

But how could we slip
so entwined?

How could we slip
before this gift?

How could we slip
while bringing so much joy to a heaven
that would always defend us?

You are my home
as inescapable to me as my own body

And I am yours
inseparable as our souls
and as sure as the courses of the stars
above our heads

And there with your hand in mine
I swore my life to you and we wept
and there, I forever set you first

Let the world around us burn
let it crumble into despair

It does not matter

The truth is this:

There, with your hand in mine,
all things may and will come

And there, so long as your hand is in mine
and mine in yours–entwined,
will be hope.

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11 Responses to By Babylon’s streams

  1. Olivia says:

    Very well expressed Dear.. Wonderfully written..
    Hugs xox

  2. Olivia says:

    It has been a while, hope that you have a promising and fulfilling 2011 ahead.
    We have enjoyed your support in 2010, a great big thanks here, cheers!

    We will have our 17th potluck beginning this Sunday, Hope to see you in.

    our theme this week is: “the road ahead”, but you are welcome to share old poems or poems unrelated to our theme..

    The more you share, the happier we are…
    You have been a gem to our community, keep shining with your fabulous talent and have fun!

  3. Jingle says:

    masterful expression…

    loved the flow, Glad to have you in,


  4. Jessica says:

    Very heartfelt and sweet. It took me along like a river of emotion!

  5. A very romantic and sensual poem…thank you for sharing.

  6. fiveloaf says:

    love it- with your hand in mine just about says everything about love! here’s mine for this new year potluck..

  7. mairmusic says:

    Beautiful vision of true love forever– nicely written!

  8. irenethebean says:

    That is so Great! love is so awesome. happy vibes your way darlin!

  9. rmpWritings says:

    The poem would have stood well without the opposition of the unfaithful and questions that arise from them. But it is all the more powerful because of them. Very moving!

  10. Nanka says:

    A beautiful romantic poem with deep emotions.

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