There is a higher calling
than what the rest of the herd is up to
There is something to do
other than sit and watch

Is your own life
so boring?
Is your soul so

That you would question
the True,
the Beautiful,
the Holy?

Would you rather not experience it

This is the one and only life you have
Why waste it watching?

Perhaps you have lost it?
Maybe you’ve left it somewhere?

Find it
or make another

Either way…

Get a life

This one’s already mine

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4 Responses to Watchers

  1. LOL. Really liked the ending. And, don’t worry, I’ve got a life. 🙂

  2. Alix Moore says:

    I love this. It expresses so exactly what I wonder when I listen to people talk about the hours and hours of shows they watch. I do see people who “do” life and people who watch life. . . thanks for a great set of images.

    • NotATameLion says:

      Thoreau had similar thoughts on young people in libraries reading rather than writing their own works. Interesting.

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