Reflected in the twilight
Dancing in the rain
Cool and beautiful
in the moonlight

Your song is unsung
Though it lingers here
Among the wet leaves
of years past

Nameless yet somehow
still verdant

And as our story is woven
As the smells of this night

As she and I breathe deep

You, beautiful lady,
are not forgotten

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8 Responses to Eisheth

  1. Cynthia says:

    I love this….so tender and you paint pictures with so few words….good write 🙂

  2. thingy says:

    So gentle. Very lovely.

  3. fiveloaf says:

    tender is the word- the words you chose is the best i hear of this potluck! here’s my potluck http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/paper-scribbles/

    • NotATameLion says:

      Thank you fiveloaf. But if anyone wants to read something really tender, they should indeed read your poem. Well done.

  4. Jingle says:

    super beautiful…

    Glad to see you share.

    come to poets rally..

  5. sweet, remarkable sentiments expressed..

    join us today.
    Happy Writing..

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