Some thoughts I had yesterday…

Today I wrote at the library. I would have liked it more had they had a fire in the fireplace.

Yet when I left, this very upset lady said to me “If it’s not fucking snowing then it is fucking raining.”

And I thought, “You know, honey, life ain’t that bad.”

The snow ain’t that bad.

The rain ain’t that bad.

Being free to enjoy all this knowledge in this library for free while being surrounded by the beauty of the fucking rain ain’t that bad.

Hell, I don’t even really care about the fireplace anymore.

There are people SUFFERING in the world. And maybe this lady is too but isn’t telling anyone…but I doubt it’s the weather’s fault.

I am no Pollyanna. I’m not an optimist by anyone’s standard. But damn it, happiness is a choice.

That chick made me sad and a little pissed. She was giving in way too easily. She was choosing petty anger.

Maybe what the world needs most is real anger over real problems. Beautiful, creative, get-shit-done anger.

Sadly, this chick’s anger was that of the ostrich–two seconds before it plunges its head into the sand.

We should not prostitute our souls to cynicism and the victim mentality so cheaply or easily.

(Originally posted on my Twitter…but I figured I’d post it here so you can read it right side up.)

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