Some further thoughts on yesterday’s “Some thoughts I had yesterday…”

Today I was in the candy aisle of a local grocery store. I was stocking up on some candy for tonight’s movie. This older woman was standing next to me. This is the setting. Before I move on to the action of my story, I have to state a couple of things:

First, I am driven to admit that my local Kroger’s is being remodeled by a complete moron. Who puts cosmetics across the aisle from juice?

Second, they have been adding stand alone endcap displays that make turning with shopping carts tricky. I can see how it might inspire foot traffic rage.

Now…back to our story:

So this old lady and I are standing there. She is maybe ten feet from me. This large woman comes around the corner pushing a cart. She is in one of those dirty, fuzzy, sweat clothes get-ups and has a sour look on her face.

She loudly and angrily announces to the old woman that she has been looking high an low for the cereal. She expresses incredulity at the fact that the cereal is now in the candy aisle. “Who would look in the damned candy aisle?” Is just one of the not-so-pleasant things she says to this old woman.

The old woman smiles at the angry large woman. She listens to her. The angry large woman storms off past her, and past me to the cereal.

The old woman siddles up to me and says–none too discretely I might add–“Some people need to get over themselves. The world turns. What do they expect?”

I agree. I say “Change is the only constant.”

We both smile.

I do not know what is up in Michigan. I can’t remember people ever being so bitchy.

Sure, the economy sucks.

Sure, corporate powers have bought both our governor and our legislature.

And sure…the rich balance their increasing lives of luxury on the rest of us.

But does spreading this bitchiness, this helpless, hopeless, cynicism help anyone?

I don’t think so.

Time to choose sides. Those who choose to be kind, those who believe that kindness and other small acts towards each other and for each other can still add up to a better future…like this old lady…I choose to be on your team.

The rest of y’all would do better just shutting up and getting out of the way.

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