She is here


She is here

Sing O you fields,
Sing, you surrounding woods
that stand as silent sentinels

This place has chosen us
in the night it broods over us,
it calls us by name and draws us in

Yet she is good
Her name is a sweet song
planted in my soul

With her hand entwined in mine
I fear nothing

Together we walk to the edge
Together we walk freely away

The winds come

But this place has no sway with us

This place that would claim our pasts
This place that would steal the future

This place

Becomes one more memorial in our wake
One more monument to our love

For freedom
For truth
For fearlessness

Hallelujah for her

Hallelujah for love

I step back

And watch the light as it turns upon this darkness
and burns the darkness away into nothing


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