Coffee Hall of Fame Inductees

When I was a kid, there were two third basemen that you just KNEW were going in the Hall of Fame someday: George Brett and Mike Schmidt. You could not think third base without these two coming to mind.

The same could be said of today’s two hall of fame inductees. I cannot think of espresso without now thinking of Ritual’s Sweet Tooth Espresso La Orquidea from Columbia. And I will now measure every Rwandan coffee I ever have by Intelligentsia’s Zirikana Rwanda Abangakurushwa Bourbon.

I encountered both of these excellent coffees at Comet Coffee in Ann Arbor.

And since they induct managers and broadcasters into the Cooperstown, I am hereby inducting Comet and the nearby Zingerman’s Coffee Company as the first cafes to make my Hall of Fame. Both places are excellent.

If you can find these coffees, snap them up. If you can’t find the coffees, come visit the cafes. I am sure they will have something else that is outstanding.

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