In a flash of lightening

Bold and unexpected
As a thunderstorm in winter
In a flash of lightening
You take my hand
Entwine it with yours
And with the raging seas
Of your lovely eyes

Make me yours

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45 Responses to In a flash of lightening

  1. booguloo says:

    You speak volumes. Nice tight write.

  2. Jingle says:

    wow, romantic and hot.
    a rocking piece, well done.

  3. thingy says:

    That’s how love is! This is terrific. : )

  4. cinnamon blues says:

    Well-written, cool poem.

  5. Nice poem. Love the imagery.

  6. Fountains says:

    I cannot express to you how much I adore this poem. A fitting comparison of the thunderstorm and being unexpectedly caught off-guard. Love love love this.

  7. Ooh! Powerful words! Each one packs a mighty punch! The last three lines are incredible!

  8. An exciting write! These kinds of happenings are awesome. You described it nicely!

  9. So romantic and intense lovely

  10. so much meaning in such a simple gesture… thanks for writing

  11. I like how this poem is short. Using the imagery of the lightning flashing to show one flash of existence is really a clever idea. The shortness of this poem then too elevates that image.

  12. Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom says:

    wonderful! tight, intense, and romantic!

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  14. Ravenblack says:

    Love how this is expressed. Conveys something wonderful and a little frightening, and a feeling of surprise all in those few verses. 🙂

  15. jsendslove says:

    “make me yours” ahh love this (: sort of feel the nervousness of falling for a deep crush or someone who you shouldnt fall for.

    • NotATameLion says:

      Glad you loved it. It is more like being crushed by a tidal wave…but the word crush still applies (:

  16. Nicely done. Simple but brought a smile. 🙂

  17. Gary says:

    Love is like that sometimes. Quick. Innocent tousle of the hand, a finger.

    Nicely said.

  18. A passionate piece. Brilliant

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  20. Pingback: Thursday Poets Rally Week 49 Fresh Poets 2 Explore Page (July 28-August 3, 2011) | Promising Poets' Poetry Cafe

  21. passionate…oh how I miss those days 😉

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