Book Review: Murder Beneath The Buried Sky by Keith Hartman

I just reviewed Keith Hartman’s Murder Beneath The Buried sky on Amazon. Click the link to read the straight-up review. In it, I stick pretty narrowly to my thoughts on the book.

I wanted to take a minute here, though, to really highlight this book for those of you whe read my blog. This is a special book.

As some of you know, I get daily requests to review books. Sadly, a lot of what gets published is tripe. I often delete the requests without getting much further than the email’s subject line.

Something about Hartman’s plot summary: a noir thriller set in a retelling of Plato’s allegory of the cave, caught my eye. I accepted. I was prepared to be massively disappointed.

I was not.

This is, first of all, GREAT writing. His first person narrative is pitch perfect. It has speed…it has all of the qualities I extolled in the Amazon review. And it does not suck. It does not even half-suck. This is the book I had wished City of Ember would be when I first picked it up. And it is more.

Life is short. Read the good books first. This book was good enough to pull me out of my Amazon retirement. You should read it.

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