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It’s a waste of time to think that if you colored a painting red what might have happened if you painted it black

Baseball is, to me, the most perfect of games. Better, in it’s way, than either my beloved football or my hated yet respected basketball and hockey. The rest of the games are about physical dominance and tactical expertise. These things … Continue reading

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Ah…Johnny Damon

Ah…Johnny Damon. Will you spurn me for the town that my brother is leaving and which you once spurned? In so doing, will you try to help defeat another town you once spurned and which my brother is now moving … Continue reading

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Wordle Gallery: Falling

This is a wordle that I made out of my poem: Image: wordle.net

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Look forward Memorize Look left Don’t care Look up and remember Breathe in Exhale and lunge Fall Fall Fall Fall Release Pray to some false God you’ve scared them Pray to some imaginary God that if anything comes back Your … Continue reading

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2010 Baseball Predictions

Well…I just made my official picks for the 2010 Baseball season over on the forums at Binall of America. I am hoping to follow up on my win in the March Madness contest. I will now share my picks here. … Continue reading

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